4 Decorating Tips

By | January 11, 2018

1.    Paint your environment

When it comes to decorating and ordering an environment, the color of the room is fundamental. If we want a neutral or relaxed sensation, the light tones are the most optimal and if they are white they will reflect the light. In addition, a pale blue, a light mallow, a turquoise or a white are trendy. Make sure it matches your floors, especially if you have custom ceramic tiles.

To give depth you can paint the ceiling a darker tone and combine several tones in a same room will serve to separate areas. Luckily, you can color through wallpaper and contribute to the effect through effective coordination of curtains and textiles.

custom ceramic tiles

2.    And there was light

The lack of light will make access to the ordered objects so uncomfortable that it will disrupt your efforts. Avoid creating shadows, opt for spotlights or diffuse lighting, distribute it wisely, with low consumption light bulbs and if you can, integrate it in cabinets.

3.    Organizers for all

Everything can have its specific place: there are baskets for dirty clothes, for the toys, dispensers, magazine racks, grocers, tie holders, organizers of command, for party tables.

4.    Take advantage of the wall

Finally, if you still lack ideas you can hang on the wall and without making holes, there are many hooks with suction cups or leaning on the bases of doors, false walls and furniture. You can create folding ‘clotheslines’ or create cork or magnetic murals.

For a stable order it is better that you get rid of what you do not use or that you take advantage of the less accessible spaces of your ‘warehouse’ for it. The verticality has to be used for what we do not use much. A small ladder or stool will be enough to recover them.